Frequently asked questions

Q1: What instructions do I need to provide for photo restoration?

Providing us with guidance on what to restore in your image is optional. Our restoration artists are very experienced and know how to repair damaged/poor images. However, if you have special requests, you can include instructions like: “remove blemishes”, “remove frame border”, “make the hair blonde”, etc.

Q2: What types of digital files can I upload for restoration?

You can upload images in jpeg format. Any image must be less than 20MB in size. Please ensure that your images have enough clarity (we cannot restore a complete blurred image into a sharp image). If for any reason your file cannot be restored, we will let you know during the quote process and you won’t have to pay for any images that aren’t restorable.

Q3: How long does it take for a Photo Restoration Quote?

Amity Studio will typically send you a quote in 1-2 business days from the time you upload your images.

Q4: How long will take to get my image restored?

We are usually able to complete the restoration of your images within a couple days to a week from the day you approve the quote.

Q5: How will I get my restorations back?

You will be able to download them instantly after checkout from your online account. We send you an email notification when the restoration has been completed and is available for your review.

Q6: How much will a Photo restoration cost?

There is no risk. You will get a quote from us and you get to review and accept the quotes prior to making any payment. Our quotes are final and there are no hidden charges. Pricing is based simply on the time spent by the artist and the skill required to restore the image.

Q7: Can you restore black and white images?

Yes, we can restore black and white images as well as sepia images.

Q8: Can you restore images that have been torn?

Absolutely. It is critical that we get as much of the original photograph as possible. You can refer to our restoration gallery for examples of torn photos that have been restored.

Q9: What training do your photo restoration technicians have?

Our artists have been through formal training in color concepts, restoration tools, image enhancement techniques, highlight/clipping management, grain reduction and calibration routines. They are proficient and expert in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

Q10: What photo restoration tools do you use to restore my images?

Our restoration team is expert in the use of Adobe Photoshop.